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Martes, Setyembre 27, 2011

The Computer As The Teacher's Tool

          The computer has provided as different uses, gives us advantages and convenience. The trend nowadays is information technology which makes use the computer in all its applications. Computers have been already used in schools to provide and facilitate students’ learning. It is obvious that even the youngest generation knew about it and how it is being used. Student’s make their assignments, create projects, and do researches with the use of computer. It really seemed that our present civilization is dependent on computers. It is in anyway advantageous if used wisely and purposely.

          Japan, China, Korea and other countries already made used of the use of computer as a teacher; programmed to teach and be objective. Others also can study anywhere in the world without going to schools and be seated inside a classroom. One can already facilitate his own learning through the computer. It can provide vast information, provides easier communication and facilitates constructivism among minds of learners.

          Constructivism was introduced by Jean Piaget (1981) and Bruner (1990). They gave stress to knowledge discovery of new meaning/concepts/principles in the learning process. Various strategies have been suggested to foster knowledge discovery, among these, is making students engaged in gathering unorganized information from which they can induce ideas and principles. Students are also asked to apply discovered knowledge to new situations, a process for making their knowledge applicable to real life situations.

          While knowledge is constructed by the individual learner in constructivism, knowledge can also be socially constructed. Social Constructivism is the effort to show that the construction of knowledge is governed by social, historical and cultural contexts. In effect, this is to say that the learner who interprets knowledge has a predetermined point of view according to the social perspectives of the community or society he lives in.

          The psychologist Vygotsky stressed that learning is affected by social influences. He suggested the interactive process in learning. A more capable adult (teacher or parent) can aid or complement what the learner sees in a given tasks or project. In addition, John Dewey sees language as medium for social coordination and adaptation. For Dewey, human learning is really human language that occurs when students socially share, build and agree upon meanings and knowledge.

The Computer’s Capabilities

Informative Tool

The computer can provide vast amounts of information in various forms, such as text, graphics, sound, and video. Even multimedia encyclopedias are today available on the internet.

Communication Tool

The computer has been used in communication as evident by social networking sites as to facebook, twitter and friendster. We can even chat/talk friends and families anywhere in the globe through yahoo messenger or the one in facebook or view them through the webcam. We can send messages and information through the internet in just seconds or minutes.

Constructive Tool

The computer itself can be used for manipulating information, visualizing one’s understanding, and building new knowledge. The Microsoft Word computer program itself is a desktop publishing software that allows users to organize and present their ideas in attractive formats.

Co-constructive Tool

          Students can use constructive tools to work cooperatively and construct a shared understanding of new knowledge. One way of co-construction is the use of the electronic whiteboard where students may post notices to a shared document/whiteboard. Students may also co-edit the same document from their homes.

Situating Tool

          By means of virtual reality (RS) extension systems, the computer can create 3-D images on display to give the user the feeling that are situated in a virtual environment. A flight simulation program is an example of a situating tool which places the user in simulated flying environment.


                The teacher uses computer as their presentation technology that allows moving through material quicker. Instead of writing notes on a whiteboard as he teaches, the teacher creates a PowerPoint. Additionally, a PowerPoint presentation incorporates images and links to the Internet that cannot be used on a whiteboard. Students who use computers in the classroom learn technical skills that they will use in the workplace. Some of these might include typing, searching the Internet and creating a presentation of their own. Additionally, as students move through school they encounter technology as it changes. This teaches them to adapt easier to progressively new technology as they move into the workforce.

 It is a way of easy and reliable access to information and building up of communication and teamwork among students.  Especially with the internet, the student can relate or research class assignments and projects with real life situations.  This is a big help to the teacher in fostering independent learning activities of the students. 

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  1. If the teachers use the computer technology, it will help the students understand clearly.

  2. The computer is one of the important tools in teaching which can give additional interest to the learners....

  3. it is really good to use computer to have a successful discusiion in the class...

  4. sir tama k jan kc nsa modern world n tau kya dapat lang n smahan ntin ang klase ntin ng mga technology n mayroon tau s skul...kc ms ntutulungan ng computer ang mga teacher pra mkuha ang interest ng mga bata

  5. ,i agrEe kc pAg my pOwEr pOint n gAmit ang teAchEr dUring disCussion mAz ngi2ng attEntivE ungmgA stUdyAntE kc nki2tA nlA qng anO ung tinUtUrO at binAbAsA ung teAchEr... tsA mAs mA e-explAin at maiintindAhAn pAg my visuAL...

  6. ,thE use of ComputEr as the tEachEr's tOOl cAn improVe aNd eNriCh cLaSSrOOm tEaching.

  7. ,students can easily understand the topics by using PowerPoint can have pictures that can be link to internet, getting more information about it.

  8. Ang problemang nakikita ko dito ay ung mga teacher natin lalo na ung mga master teachers natin sa elementary at ung iba sa high school ay hindi marunong gumamit ng computer, kahit ng mouse. Panu pa kaya nila magagamit ang computer as a teaching tools. cguro ung new genration ng mga teacher magagawa nila to, yon ay kung tinuturo sa College of Education kung panu gamitin ang computer as a taching tool.

  9. Computer is a good teaching tool. Students can understand more the topics if the teacher has a visual aids like a computer.

  10. mas effective ang teaching kung me kompyuter kc me tendency na magenjoy sa pakikinig ang kanyang students!

  11. magandang tandem c teacher at computer kc mas gagnda ang presentation ni teacher at mas willing mkinig ang students sa kanya....

  12. mgging magndang bonding 2 with teachers and students kc mapapghusay p ni teacher ang kanyang pag22ro as well as mahuhumaling makinig sa kanya ang kanyang estudyante!!!!!1